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Another Blah-ger

Yep, that’s right, I’m joining the ranks of anybody that has a computer with a keyboard and access to the internet. I’ve read some blogs here and there, some good, some awful. Both I have found to be interesting and courageous. In a world where putting yourself out there for the public to humiliate, debate and just be downright mean, I appreciate what the blogasphere has to offer. Debate and thought provocation is what advances this world. I believe this is why the world is developing faster than ever. Information access is at the fingertips of anyone at any time. Yes, it is scary to know that your ideas might possibly not mesh with everyone on this planet. If they did, this planet would be exhaustively boring. So count me in. Opinions in my blogs will be my opinions. Feel free to exercise your right to opine in a healthy, constructive way. If you choose to be the a-hole, I’ll treat you like one.

I’m a so called “expert” in baseball. Expert is a debatable word/definition but, that’s for another blog attempt. I spent 20 years of my life as a professional baseball player. 14 of those at the Major League Level. I played for 6 different teams. I’ve been on winning teams and losing teams and even a couple in between. I want to say I loved every day of it but there were days and 1 year in particular I barely survived. I was never the super star on any of these teams but I was a part of them. The exterior may tell you that my career and life are in good shape but the truth is, I’m still a mess, yet I wake up daily battling to be better because of the experiences that have shaped me. These experiences will be the foundation of my blogs. I will tell stories and try to pull lessons from them that hopefully some of you can attribute to your own lives. I want entertain, inform and inspire people to be their best. I am sarcastic, it’s my nature and was perpetuated by the baseball life. My sense of humor is crass, deal with it. I don’t always use proper English or grammar, again, deal with it. Most of all I want to have fun with this and those who read my blog. I want you to enjoy the time you spend reading and spark your imagination. Feel free to email or post any ideas. People who have watched my broadcast and follow me on Twitter know that I enjoy the interaction. If I feel I can effectively write about you ideas, I will. I trust this will be a fun ride.

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